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Sir Neb

Sir NEB is a sought-after recruitment and training officer at a top engineering company in Dubai and France. His task expands to the other parts of the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

He took AB English as a university scholar in one of the top universities in the Philippines. During his college days, NEB is active in participating in clubs that honed his skills in singing and acting. He led his theater organization as president, conducting training and workshops, and been a part of various plays such as Saigon taking lead roles. Multitasking is one of his strengths, juggling club schedules and studies. Despite his schedule, he was able to contribute to the university's college paper, and never ceased to be consistent in the dean's list of excellent students capping his tertiary education as Cum Laude.

He has experiences working as a trainer, lecturer of organization leaders, business intelligence researcher, university English instructor, and customer relations officer. Currently, he engages himself to the corporate world taking in sales administration tasks.

You may send him an email through neb@brilliant-posts.com.


After having been exposed to several industries such as BPO, education, and IT, Darc's natural writing prowess reaches potentials of excellence. He was trained in both local and regional writing forums back in high school tasked to do feature and news articles. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in one of the prestigious state universities in the Philippines, and finished an awardee for academic excellence. His long exposure in BPO as Customer relation officer and later on served as a Helpdesk agent gave him another bar of gold in the pot. Being one of the top employees, he was tasked to assist, train, and motivate newly-hired agents. He was a celebrated employee bagging excellent rating in customer satisfaction surveys and a quality assurance hero.

He has an experience being an educator at a private elementary school in the Philippines teaching computer education and some basic programming. He took and passed the Licensure Examinations for Teachers across the board. He continues to expand his skills learning Visual Graphics and Design.

Darc, a passionate writer, an educator, and a mentor will continue to scribble notes and share his expertise for us.

You may send him an email at darc@brilliant-posts.com.