Career Transition: Best ways to handle it


By: Noriel E. Banes

We used to dream humongous when we were little. Some dreamed to become a pilot someday. Some wanted to become a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, and some wanted to become a priest. Of course, those dreams become variables as we grow up. Yes, there are those who are lucky enough to have dreamed as such and ended up doing what they have dreamt about. We get to grow up and we certainly become aware of our surroundings and open our eyes to different interests that the world has prepared for us. We entered into the University and took the major that we wished with the vision that we end up doing what we love doing. We seemed to get a good vision of how our life will look like after we graduate. Trust me, it seemed surreal and magnificent thinking of a comfortable life, earning, and at the same time being in a profession that you desire.

Sometimes life directed us towards a path which was entirely different from what we wanted for ourselves. This change affected our line of career and our life itself. Now the question is, how do you cope with this transition?

1.      Acceptance. We may go through a lot of changes in our lives and it is true that most of the changes are difficult. One way to overcome it is to embrace the change. There’s no use in dwelling with the same problem over and over again because change happens for a reason. You gotta get up from your bed, fix yourself, and move on to the next stage of your life. It may not be easy for some but doing so, you are already taking a first step towards moving on. Accept whatever is happening in the course of your career because whether you like it or not, change has just happened.

2.      Make the best out of it. We may be caught up in a situation where we are placed in the world that is entirely different from where we used to live and end up doing something new. It is hard indeed but we have to do our best and turn this event into something beneficial for us. Take it as a new challenge to better yourself and work hard on it. Just like what people used to say, “If you’re given a lemon, make a lemonade.”

3.      Continue learning. When changes happen, an opportunity to learn comes in. There is nothing in this world that we cannot learn if we put our heart in it. Just like a new topic in a textbook. We were introduced to the new ideas, and we learn them. Same as with the career transition, it may be challenging but when we put our head and heart to learn new tasks and responsibilities, we’ll definitely get the hang of it. It is only a matter of drive and taking ownership that we could learn to be the best version of ourselves.

4.      Trust yourself. This is the part when you have to rely solely on yourself. It is only you who could help yourself better, not someone else. Sometimes, change can be depressing. How much more if this has something to do with your career and something that you really wanted for your life. Trusting yourself comes from the thought within that no matter how hard life is inside your new job environment, you will be able to get passed it. A determination is a door, and optimism is the key.

5.      Ask for help. Many of us ignore this stage in our life because we tend to be engulfed by pride that we forget to ask help whenever we needed it. Some are too shy to ask and some just didn’t bother. In this transition, it is important to seek help from people who know the job well, or those who have a better understanding of the company’s culture. Ask your manager about the tasks that seemed unclear to you as it is better to ask than pretend to know everything. It is by seeking help and guidance that we can learn to do our job well. Ask someone who is senior to you to mentor you. Ask for a training if needed in order for you to perform better during this transition.

6.      Set your mind towards success. Acquiring good vibes and setting up your goals for the years to come is one way to do great at work. Feel good about yourself and think that you will eventually be successful in your new career. Think that you have no other options but to be successful despite the big change in your career. When you set your mind to your goal for success, everything else will follow because you will become what you think you will be.

I must agree that change is difficult and that we must pay attention to this problem. It is difficult to adjust especially if you have your mind set on your future plans and have a better view of your life for the years to come. However, a change must not stop us from living. A career change is not a reboot but it is actually a continuation. It is just a different challenge and a new path to walk on to and a new goal to achieve. A new goal, a fresh perspective. Just like when we used to dream when we were little, to become... someday.