How to Download Files from DropBox

I have been browsing websites which use Dropbox to share files, such as the website. And most often than not, I am seeing questions like this:


As easy as it is for some, there are still people who find it hard and find it confusing how some files are being downloaded.  Let us take a look at our options.

Option 1: The Download Button

The Download button may be located at the right hand corner of your computer. When it is clicked, you will have two options: Direct Download, which goes to your computer, or Save to my Dropbox, if you have an existing Dropbox account. 

Option 2: The URL

Let us have a specific example. We will try to download a PDF file (NAT MATH.pdf) which can be accessed through:

For us to download this PDF, all we have to do is change the "0" at the end of the website address or the URL to 1.

and press the ENTER key on your keyboard (RETURN when using Mac).