Why is 'Employee Empowerment' vital for organizational Success?


Employees are the bloodline of the organization and it is true that it can’t function without these hardworking individuals who run the business. Empowering our employees can come a long way in attaining great success for the organization. As there are a lot of reason in empowerment, there will be a lot of things to do it. How do we empower our employees?

Below is the list I gathered for us to consider.

      1.       Establish trust. - Trust is earned as what the cliché goes. Giving your employees the autonomy to do his job on his own rules and ways is one way to demonstrate trust. It is one way to loosen up the traditional method of making your employees work as it is a good feeling to work without looking at the list of ground rules. This could be a great idea to break the uptight culture, especially for millennials.

      2.       Involve your employees in decision making. – The young generation loves to be heard and asked about their input on projects, or the tasks at hand. There’s no better way to value your employees than treating their opinion valuable. It matters to them and it boosts their confidence to do more.

"Having someone to mentor them is a great way to make them feel they are valued and well-taken care."

      3.       Train and mentor employees. – Learning and developing talents are more important than getting a paycheck every month. Advancing employees' skills is rewarding as it develops their knowledge and capabilities in performing their job. As a result, employees feel appreciated and empowered with knowledge. Having someone to mentor them is a great way to make them feel they are valued and well-taken care of. Research shows that 90% of employees said that they stay with the company because the organization invests in training and development - LinkedIn. 

      4.       Set rewards, not punishments. – There are people who can’t handle punishments and most likely, they end up demotivated. Rewards could change the employees’ perspectives towards the kind of job they have because it will give them the honor, confidence, and motivation. A tap in the back, an email announcement, a congratulatory announcement on the board, and an extended vacation, to name a few, could come a long way to make your employees appreciated and empowered.

      5.       Flexible working hours – This has been a trend in human resources as an alternative to making a productive and stress-free working environment for employees. True enough, it is also one way of saying, “You are responsible for taking your time, at the same time delivering expected results.”  This could mean that you are giving your employees responsibilities, not just tasks to accomplish.

Surely, this list goes on. It is up to the organization to be creative in encouraging, rather than imposing rules for the employees. We can never see results if we won’t take the chance to give what is best for our employees and take the risks in making this happen.