UAE Experience, does it play a major role in HIRING?

An opinion about the prevalent issues for UAE experience in the Hiring process

I have been wondering why most of the companies are afraid of taking the risk of hiring highly talented individuals without the “UAE Experience”. I am puzzled and irritated to think that there is a shortage of talents in the market but why do they have to put this clause “should have a UAE experience” in all of their requirements? This is plainly illogical. Let me give you some points why I said that.

Example. One lady who came from the UK came over to Dubai to seek new opportunities. She got the skills, the qualifications, and the necessary experience to perform the job very well but she was told that she didn’t have the “UAE experience” and so they cannot advance her application with them. That is just ridiculous and frustrating!

Are ways of communication different from that of the UK? How you deal with people in the company different from where you used to be? Are there guidelines or rules that say the skills you acquired from other countries or wherever you came from, are different from the ones here in Dubai? Is the theory and strategy of social media marketing different from the theory or concept here in Dubai? Is the accounting and calculation from the Philippines or India different from computing strategies here in the UAE? Is recruiting methods or strategies different from the way they recruit here in the UAE? 

I'm afraid that we will run out of diversity in our organization if this kind of attitude towards new opportunity seeker will continue. As a result, only those who are currently working in the UAE will have the chance to get a better career and I feel embarrassed to tell my friends that UAE is a land of opportunity.

The point is, we cannot build a barrier to the capabilities of an individual because he does not have the UAE experience. This is simply because skills are skills, and you cannot alter them to what you wanted them to be. Talent is what we need, not just the UAE experience. If this kind of hiring culture will continue, we cannot amass fresh minds, or fresh talents who could bring change to the company. We will be stuck in the archaic methods, rules, and ways of delivering services to our company. We need to go out there and take the risk of embracing new ideas, new cultures, new methods, and new learning if we wanted to succeed in business! Isn’t it our responsibility as an employer to guide and introduce our employees to the culture of the UAE experience and ways if that is an absolute importance to survive in the job?

The UAE is at the point of globalization. International investors are coming to the country to build an international spirit, camaraderie, and opportunities available for everyone who aspires to make a better life. I am sure that the leaders of this country wanted nothing but the betterment of the community, and of the people, considering a wide array of opportunities for all. Now, if the “UAE experience” is so important than the skills, talents, and background of an individual, educate me why.