How to Maintain Productivity at Work

Employee’s dosage at work

It may be true that many of us are guilty at some point in our time in the office doing nothing or we are being busy procrastinating. Being unproductive also means having a lot of things on our plate not knowing which one to start. Our work can be measured at some point when it comes to the quality of work done. However, it is imminent that these scenarios are prevalent in the offices. How do we maintain being productive despite the fact that we are not doing anything or cramming just to beat the deadline? Please take a look and consider the suggested tips:

      1.       Avoid procrastination – Guilty! Most of us, if not all, are guilty about this. Procrastination is the enemy of productivity. Leaving tasks for tomorrow which could have been done today is not a good practice at work. You would be surprised by the never-ending piles of papers on your desk.

      2.       Set priorities and manage your tasks – setting up priorities on your list is a good idea especially when you’re beating a deadline. Start with the most important, down to the least ones or ad-hocs when necessary. Do not just employ a multitasking strategy as it may result in cramming and inefficient results. As what Dr. Travis Bradberry said, multitasking is damaging our brain and decreases the quality of your work. Accomplishing our tasks step by step and one at a time will definitely give us a quality work.

"As an employee, it is inevitable to feel lazy at times but once you are dedicated to your work, you can surpass the challenge of boredom or cram at work."

      3.       Take a break from time to time – Taking breaks is healthy. It will freshen our minds when we go back to doing our tasks. Fresh minds can do wonders. It will set our mood for a restart and will definitely provide us a good understanding, perspective, and energy at work. When we set our priorities well, taking a break does not hurt our time and good results will follow.

      4.       Read articles and new information – I know that reading for some isn’t their cup of tea. For some, this is just time-consuming or a boring stuff to do while inside the office. However, if tasks are done, reading some good things such as articles and informative write-ups will make us smarter and well-informed. I suggest reading at least one or two articles in a day which are related to your line of work or those that are related to your company, industry-wise. This will give you updated information and knowledge to do better in your job hence, not a waste of time at all.

As an employee, it is inevitable to feel lazy at times but once you are dedicated to your work, you can surpass the challenge of boredom or cram at work. However, you wanted to spend your time in the office, make sure to get the best value of your time without compromising the result of your work.