How Insurance an important consideration in compensation package?

Whether you are single or a family man or woman, health insurance is a big factor to consider in accepting the job offer. Employers are mandated to provide an insurance to all its employees as part of the comprehensive benefits package.

But why is it important? Please check below:

1.   Covers essential health benefits critical to maintaining your health and treating illness and accidents. 
Prevention is better than cure as what the cliché saying goes. This is just one of the many benefits of an insurance give. Use it to your advantage to maintain good health while we work hard to earn a living. Our career is important and so our health.

2.       Protects you from unexpected, high medical cost
As it is difficult to get sick while we aim for a brighter future in our career, this insurance benefit could make a difference in our lives. A big slash in our medical bills can come a long way, especially for our savings.

“It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

Mahatma Gandhi

3.       You get free preventive care like vaccines, screenings, and some check-ups
Our insurance, if not applicable to all, came with these added benefits. You don’t have to pay for these important things.

According to, these are just a few benefits of having an insurance. This is why as a candidate, should look into this part of the compensation and benefits before accepting any job offer.

We may work in a different environment where the pressure is the price we pay and that’s the reason why medical health insurance is the pedestal we look into first. It is good to work hard, but it is great to work with care.

As what Mahatma Gandhi said, “It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”