Managing Stress at Work

Stress is something that is inevitable in the workplace and it has some adverse effects on our performance as managers. To avoid, or at least lessen stress, we can try the following:

Delegating work. As a manager, we want to make sure that the work is done properly, and most of the time, we would rather work on a task than passing it to someone. But committing ourselves to every single task there is, will lead to tasks being piled up and us chasing on deadlines. Delegating tasks to the proper department will avoid all hassles, and unnecessary overtime, thus, reduces stress.

Setting up a network. Problems and worries are psychological garbage that needs to be dumped out from our head. Choosing trusted circle of friends can make up a support network whom you can tell your issues to and will listen to you without being judged.  

Setting up light and positive office climate. The mood of the people around you can eventually affect your mood and the entire office climate. Whether it is a place clouded with pressure and fear or a light and mistake-tolerance place, managers have the power to set up the climate of the workplace. 

"...working more than 40 hours a week is useless."

Taking a break. There is a reason why there are 15-minute break time or recess in our schedule. We will need to have this time to really set our mind off work, and enjoy this moment thinking or doing what we love, like eating or listening to relaxing music. This goes true with the day off as well. Going on swimming on a weekend or a family trip will keep us energized and refreshed for the following week’s tasks. 

Having proper lifestyle. Going to the gym, or at least a walk in the park can minimize the impact of stress from the day’s work. Preparing banana smoothie on your own also ensures that what you are eating is safe and healthy. Healthy lifestyle and healthy eating can boost our energy at work and give us positive mindset. 

Managing time and priorities. Knowing and working on what needs to be done first can save us the hassle of beating deadlines and unnecessary overtime. People have this notion that the more you stay late and work, the more it is that you become productive. It turns out that working more than 40 hours a week is useless.

Work-related stress is something that we can hardly avoid, but we can somehow minimize its impact so we can maintain our mood and high performance at work.

Do you have suggestions on how to beat stress at work? Please share it with us!