MS PowerPoint Features You May Not Be Using Yet

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Either that you may not be using these features yet, or that you may never have thought that these Microsoft PowerPoint features have more to offer.

There are a lot of powerful online presentation apps that we can find over the Internet, and most of us have already used them. While most of these apps and online presentation tools are free and easy to use, they leave a watermark and logo on the presentation, unless you spend some dollars for the service.

On the other hand, most people who got used to Microsoft PowerPoint have been using it the same way they used it years and years ago -- despite the new features the PowerPoint now has. Some features of this program have not been given much attention and some, left "undiscovered". And still some, needed to have the right techniques and tips on how to make their presentation better to make it more effective.

Meanwhile, maximizing the features and using them "more" than their intended use, and using them (maybe more) creatively can give us the "wooooow!" expression coming from our audience.

Here are some PowerPoint features (from Youtube tutorials) you may not know and might not be using.... yet:

1. The Mouse Over Hyperlink

This is an old feature, and an old trick. However, I found out that most of us haven't known this yet, so I included this in this list.

2. 3D Popout Photo Effect

Uploaded by: The Teacher

This is an easier way of editing photos right from PowerPoint itself, yet a very clever and creative one. The video shows three techniques you would want to try right now.

3. Design Workflow Layout

Uploaded by: Creative Venus

Catchy, impressive, and artistic way to present numbers! When you visit the Youtube channel of Creative Venus, you will see some more of professional and impressive designs such as this and you'd want to use them the next time you will have presentations to create.

4. Motion Graphics

Uploaded by: PowerPoint School

Using just the basics and coming up with something new and interesting! If you are a teacher, especially of first graders, you will get to try this to keep their attention to your screen.

5. Photo Collage

Uploaded by: Pravind Thakur

Shapes... some more shapes... image... and the outcome is unexpected!  This is something that will make you say "Why haven't I thought of doing this before?"

Although it is very clear, I would like to emphasize that these videos, except the first one, are NOT mine, nor that I am in any way associated with individual Youtube users who own these videos, or paid by them. Nevertheless, I thank the people/organizations who/which shared these ideas. I salute you all!

Furthermore, the author is not associated with, or paid by Microsoft for this article. I am simply a user of the program who wanted to share what I know (and discovered) to all other users who may not have known this yet. :)

Presentation software and programs are available to make our visual aids appealing and exciting, but as we, authors of Brilliant Posts blog, would say, it is still your call to make your presentation a success. How? Check out these tips to consider when you speak in public.

I know. There are lots of nice online presentation tools out there. I am never against them. But if you need to be creative right at this moment using the tools in hand, your MS PowerPoint has powers you never expected. If you need more app and web resources either for educational or business purposes, head on to this list here.

Do you know some other cool tricks or features you have been using? Share it with us in the comments below.