How to Print a Picture in Multiple Pages [SOLVED]

So, you found that beautiful picture of a bird and you want to post it in your bulletin board. The problem is, you'd like the picture to be at least four A4-sized paper in length and width, and your picture is not that large.

What are you supposed to do now?

In the previous posts, we have been using MS Excel and Word, and MS PowerPoint to make our tasks easier. We did not know that these tools have other "features" we still need to discover. This time, we will make use of another Microsoft program since that is what we commonly have in our devices.

For most teachers, the task of designing bulletin boards and creating posters is part of their lives, although it is not written in the job description. Most of the time, they only depend on whatever is available to them because the materials and tools they may need were not part of the budget.

Well, if internet access is not an option, fret not, because we can print your image in multiple sheets of paper, using only what is common among laptops and desktops with Microsoft OS -- Microsoft Paint!

How? Click the button below: