How to Write a Cover Letter that Catches the Eyes of a Hiring Personnel?


A cover letter is the first thing that recruiters see in your job application. Might as well that it has to be impeccable and it should contain elements as that of the elevator pitch. One should build a strong and clear cover letter to sell his skills and potentials.

As I read through the websites while doing some simple research, I noticed that most of the points are different in ways that are dependent on the intentions of the applicants. However, I've come up with general tips based on the common grounds. Below are tips for making it more convincing:

    1. Strong Opening. According to, one should address the cover letter to the proper person. Make it personal and it has to have a conversational tone and not arrogance. Start with something catchy and something strong like "I am a Project Management professional with an 8-year intensive experience in Construction, and oil and gas industry". Be direct to the point and clear.

2. Skills. Highlight your skills and qualifications. Sell yourself and qualities that would make you a perfect fit for the job. Don't overdo it by listing down everything. Just write those that made you a superstar. With this, you may mention your previous achievements and contributions to your previous company.

3. Short and Simple. Do not compact all your achievements in one paper. Leave something for the interview time. It is the key to have your application be read and shortlisted because nobody wanted to read a long and winding cover letter with a bunch of idiomatic expressions and figurative languages. 

4. Close with a bang. It is a distinct way of closing your letter with something that makes the reader want to meet you. According to glassdoor, closing is the most important element that will help you land your next job interview. Integrate confidence, enthusiasm, and call for action. This will make a big difference to your first step. You may write: "I am eager to meeting with you to discuss further this fantastic opportunity, I will call you next week for the follow-up on my application and arrange for an interview."

There are hundreds of ways to make a cover letter that works for you. But remember to always choose the best one because it is a vital stage in making your first step in your career a success.