Updated: What is the Most Reliable Virtual Data Room in 2018?

Updated: What is the most reliable vdr in 2018?

Last year, we revealed a list of the top 10 most reliable virtual data room (vdr) in 2017. iDeals data room emerged as the top-ranker virtual data repository. Were they able to keep their ranking position for the first quarter of 2018?

Before we find out, let us take a look at what virtual data rooms are and why they are important for big companies.

Keep reading. We will reveal the top 10 virtual data rooms (vdr) for 2018!

What is a data room?

A data room is a place where you can house data for safekeeping. It can be a virtual data room or a physical data center where data is being stored, managed, and handled for varied purposes such as file sharing and business transactions. 

Why do businesses need a data room?

Businesses, big or small, have relied on the use of internet to handle and process transactions. These transactions make use of important and sensitive information. These transactions may involve vast amount of data which needed to be handled with confidentiality – and these need to be done real-time and anytime. This is where the virtual data room comes in – to provide data storage and management.

But to whom are you willing to entrust your data?

Choosing a virtual data room provider

Choosing a data room provider is not an easy task. There are a lot of factors to consider, and questions may be:  

  How much do you know about the provider? (trust in the company and in the software they use, credibility, reliability, company reputation, who else uses the provider)

 How much service can they provide? (features, technical support, after sales services)

How much will it cost the company? (pricing, agreement terms, time to deploy, etc.)

Top 5 Most Ranked Virtual Data Room in 2017

Datarooms.org has ranked the data room providers according to ease of use and customer service and here are the top 5.

Basic - 
discounts for longer terms
888 822 5141

Contact provider for pricing

+1 212 342 7684
Contact provider for pricing
866 3679 110
Contact provider for pricing
See website contact page
Contact provider for pricing
See website contact page
*(In US$, as listed on provider website as of writing)
**In North America, see provider website for other countries (if available)

What to choose?

 Just like sourcing for personnel, we decide to choose the applicant according to his capacity to fulfill our organization's needs in accordance to the criteria we set.

Understanding what your business needs are and what your organization can afford are contributing factors for decision-making.

The top 10 virtual data room for 2018:

In no particular order (as listed in naijatechhub):

  • iDeals

  • SecureDocs

  • ShareVault

  • Clinked

  • Dotloop

  • Digify

  • Caplinked

  • EthosData

  • SafeLink

  • DataCore


The ranking is based on the article posted on datarooms.org website, and individual provider web pages were also visited to gather information. However, if you believe some information is not correct or updated, please contact us.