What Does AF Mean?

Internet is dynamic, and so is our language. Over the years, new words were being created, and some words were given new meaning.  One of the words we (or most of us have) already understood is a term “slang”. A slang is itself a slang for “short language”. It is a continual and dynamic use of words or phrases which may be informal, and mostly used in speech rather than in writing. Most of these root from the black culture and has somehow found its way into the mainstream.

We have gathered 10 internet slangs that would help us stay woke.


Short for “as f*ck”, it is used to amplify an adjective it follows

“I am hungry AF.”

Although it is a trend as of writing, it is not recommended to be used especially in more conservative countries. Rather, you may use a more appropriate term. In this case, you may say:

"I am starving."


Same definition as “hot”, saying something is awesome

“Her new gadget is a sure fire.”


Definitely not the farm animal, this term is an acronym for “greatest of all time”

“Talking about Steph Curry, I’d say he is the GOAT basketball icon.”


Has the same meaning, something that you desire to have or achieve

“Her dress is new OOTD goals.”

*OOTD – outfit of the day


Describes something as popping, fresh, and hot

“Last night’s concert was really lit, everyone’s looking forward for a second one.”


Being displeased or mad at someone (or something), more than just being mad.

“She is being salty, her boyfriend was with Veronica the whole time.”


Being brutal, someone who does not care about consequences of his actions

“That journalist is a total savage slamming the president during the press conference.”

Shade, throwing

An insult

“Michael just threw shade on the number one school bully. I can smell blood.”


Shocked, surprised, or scared

“She just yelled back at the teacher known to be a terror. I was shook.”


Being aware, informed, and current

“Now that you’ve read this article, I expect you’d be woke.”

These are just some lit slang circulating the social media. I myself was shook upon learning some of these. Thanks to USA Today and We the Unicorns, I was able to fully understand some terms and got woke.

Think you know what these mean? Tell us in the comment!

1. Aesthetic
2. Boots
3. Fam
4. FR
5. Stan

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