These Are What the Recruiters Need from You


Recruiters have spoken! There are many things on the checklist to tick in filling-up a position available in the organization. This checklist does not only contain skills and certifications list needed for the job but it contains the checklist of the "attitude" needed from an applicant. Sometimes, this part of checklist appears in the recruiters' mind who are trying to learn your attitude and behavior during the interview.
I have done a simple research by communicating with the high caliber recruitment officers and Human Resource professionals about what they say on the things needed from the applicants to land a job. Now, this information does not limit the skills and qualifications of the candidates but aim to provide ideas on behavioral aspects of a person.

Positive body language


Tone of voice



Team player


Zeny Requizo, Human Resource Manager, said that positive body language, punctuality, and the tone of voice comprised of attitude necessary from a candidate in order to be considered as a strong candidate. She also mentioned that confidence plays a big role in the interview. "The candidate should be confident in what he or she is saying during the interview and that he must build a first good impression."

"Technical skills-wise, knowledge on technology also helps since almost all processes are in digital, online, and computer-aided process." – Requizo, HR Manager

"There are too many qualities a person possesses but honesty is what we always aim for". According to April Sampang, Recruitment Consultant, honesty is very important, not to mention "...someone who is a team player and is committed is by far the most important". True enough. Recruiters have the ability to engage you in the conversation to test your honesty and once lies are detected, it is a red flag.

As a recruitment officer myself, I couldn't agree more on the above-mentioned list but let me just add one more to the traits and qualities that a job-seeker must have.

Inquisitive – For me, this is important and a way to check whether a candidate is interested in the job or with your company. A candidate who is able to raise sensible questions necessary to learn the ins and outs of the job is something. We do not assume that everyone understands the full job specs in one sitting but it is learned easily if you ask. It is true that sometimes, we are able to meet candidates who are not technically strong but if one shows interest, that is something to be considered.

These are just a few of the behaviors and attitudes to be considered and I am pretty sure that a lot of HR practitioners could add more to this. We all want strong candidates who could make a difference in the company that they will be working with and it is just right that we need to look at these things because the success of a company is dependent on the qualities of manpower.

Do you have some more to add? Please feel free to comment below. 

Note: Zeny Requizo and April Sampang are members of the UFHR Group (United Filipino HR). It is formed to help fellow HR professionals boost confidence and contribute to the Filipino Community in the UAE through sharing of knowledge and ideas based on experiences.