Helpful Ways to Shorten your Words

There are so many ways a person is able to express his thoughts in writing. This includes similes, metaphors, and other conventional ways. However, in formal writing such as essay, academic papers, and technical writing, we need to be cautious with the words we use to better express our thoughts correctly.

Some papers require a number of words to avoid congestion. Below are just some of the most common verbose words that we unintentionally write. Its counterpart is what we can use to shorten them.

Avoid the word “very”

      Very happy 
Very small
Minute or Telescopic
Very big
Gigantic or Huge
Very open
Very rich
Very simple
Very perfect
Very rainy
Very short
Very painful

Avoid redundancy or tautology

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Biography of his life
His biography
Water canal Canal
Postpone until later Postpone
Old and dilapidated house Old house or dilapidated house
Few in number Few
Fly through the air Fly
Nostalgia of the past Nostalgia
Overused cliché Cliché
Past memories Past or memories
Pizza pie Pizza

Word reduction in a sentence  (eliminating “dead woods”):

1.      It is absolutely perfect to join the music club, and it is  rather interesting to learn too many and various skills.

This sentence is verbose and can be simplified by removing dead woods.

 It is perfect to join the music club and it is interesting to learn many skills.

2.  This very rich businessman read his life's biography in front of the public.

This wealthy businessman read his biography in front of the public.

Your turn:

3. I felt nostalgic of the past memories upon reaching the old dilapidated building.

4. First and foremost, I really would never ever desire to get his very shiny golden necklace jewelry because I am also very rich.

5.  Kris is very much open with her life's story.

To check your answers, download the file here.

This article is authored by Sir Neb.