In-Demand Jobs in the Middle East They Don't Want You to Know

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Basic Salary:
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Believe it or not, this part of the offer letter or job offer seemed like the most awaited particulars to see. We all want an excellent compensation in our career, of course, who wouldn’t want it? The question is, which among the hundreds of jobs are in-demand for the current job market? 

Below is the list of the job positions that are sought-after in the Middle East alone. This analytics is based on the research done by (2016).

1.      Project Manager. This specific role garnered the highest percentage of in-demand jobs in the Middle East (16%). With the region's rich resources in oil and gas, it is inevitable that engineering projects such as construction, infrastructures, and plant for oil refineries are booming.

2.      Sales Manager (15%). This profile perhaps is one of the most important jobs in a company. There should be someone who will manage the full operations of Sales to generate income.

3.      Sales Executive (14%) and Accountant (14%). It is very evident that most of the companies are focused on generating income so these positions are needed. They are the mind behind those turn-overs and financial reports created for the customer or clients.

4.      HR Professionals, Administrative Assistant, Director, Managing Director (13%), HR Manager (12%), and Office Manager (10%). These job profiles are the backbone of the company. They provide support, administer the jobs, serve as intelligence and management of the whole operation. They are the next in line that make jobs in the Middle East.

5.      Marketing, Executive Assistant, Engineers, and Receptionist (9%). These are the support power of the house. They introduce the company to the outside world, they represent the company itself, and they organize the day to day operations.

Pointing out the top jobs in the Middle East, it is clear that the major industries such as Human Resources, Engineering and Designs, Real Estate, Construction, and Property Development, Advertising and Marketing, Oil & Gas, and Information Technology are doing well in the region.

In order to achieve the number that we want to see on the particulars of the offer letter, we should have to also consider the skills and qualifications that are needed for the job. High pay is very dependent on your investment. Take a look at the below analytics:

1.      Graduation or Post Graduate Degree in Business Management (MBA) is the most sought-after academic qualification when looking for candidates. This earned 28% as stated by the respondents on their job advertisements.

2.      Engineering Degree (25%). This is very understandable since the industry is into Engineering and Designs that is needed for construction, project management, and other engineering services.

3.      Administrative Qualification (20%). This included but not limited to Computer skills and Organization skills.

Below is the info graphics by Socialtalent:

Please bear in mind that being in the Arab countries, expats and workers are expected to be flexible. This indicates on the top attribute that the respondents point out. It is inferred that Good communication skills in Arabic and English emerged on top which gathered (63%) among the skills.

The Middle East is going global today. Jobs and companies that operate in the region are mostly international and has the global presence. Good communication skills in English seems to be vital in acquiring jobs. Whatever it is that we want to do professionally, it is us who will decide what we want for our future. The above data are given as a guide to those who want to seek employment abroad.