Reading: A Habit Worth the Expense of Time


In this kaleidoscopic world, many of us are trying to cope with the changes which occur around us. Technology, culture, beliefs to name a few, are the examples why people must be fully aware and be in line with such changes. For us to become in line with our society, one must be informed not only in the field of Science and Technology but also in all aspects as a whole. There are many ways for us to be informed but for me, the most effective way is reading.
We spend most of our time reading. We may not be aware of such but if you take a look, you have been reading signs, symbols, words, instructions, and other stuff all day. The information we get out of those reading materials is helpful ways to develop our mental capacity. It is true that we can also acquire information through attending symposiums or other public speaking engagement. But if you really have to view the whole perspective, presenters or speakers prepared visual aids for his audience to read. Hence audience, for them to be fully informed, will have to read the presentation. We now are being bombarded with technological advancement, social media is an influential example of ways to be informed. We communicate through posting our status or sending personal messages through Facebook and Instagram or through Skype, twitters, and emails and we read them for sure.

Students read not only because they are required to do so but also it is an essential part of being a student. It is essential in a way that most of the lectures and assignments were given are done through reading. To survive the competitive world in college, one must read. In fact, to answer the questions given in the examinations, we have to read. In whatever course we have, various reading materials are prepared to enlighten us more on the topic. It is one way to feed our minds with different and updated forms of wisdom that we could apply as we face the world. Intellectual nourishment is easy to attain if we read in advance because not everything (information) is spoon fed to us by our professors. So, technically we can expand our knowledge by having a bunch of reading. Learning is infinite and so the information. It is up to us on how to chase them and absorb them in our being.

Several technical reading materials are right in front of us but there is also a large percentage of people who read for pleasure. These reading materials perhaps are in the form of literature. There are different genres of literature people read. It might be novels, short stories, poetries, epics, and others. These forms of literature can give us not only the information we need that happened in the past but also the awareness of different cultures and traditions around the world. The art of writing is involved in publishing huge amount of materials and so authors have mirrored the cultures into their masterpieces. Aesthetic wise, authors intended readers to be imaginative with an emotional pinch. Novels for examples are written to make the readers cry, laugh, hate, fall in love, and others. Most importantly, reading literature will enhance our critical thinking and sound judgment. As depicted in the story, authors may provide the situation in which the reader has to imagine and give out his ideas about what’s going on. Reading these will absolutely take you to different places around the world simply because ethnic and tribes of different countries have very rich in literature and have a whole bunch of stories to tell. So reading these materials is like going to a certain place itself. For me, if people find pleasure in reading, he attains the highest fulfillment of all for it is not easy. It needs full attention or focus, patience, and time. Without these, you may not be called a voracious reader.

Now, reading as we know it has provided us a lot of advantages and personal development and I couldn’t think of any misfortune or disadvantage of reading. Perhaps, it all depends on individual perspective on how reading can give them an absolute advantage. As I have mentioned, learning is infinite so as the information. It is up to us to chase them by reading or not.