English Language - Its Effects and Values in Recruiting


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

 I was very surprised when I was flipping through websites looking for some good articles to read. I came across with the language proficiency article and employment opportunities. It is said that 65% of recruiters and hiring managers say strong written or spoken communication skills are more important in an entry-level job applicant than their college major and strong communicators have a competitive edge (Gallo, C. -Forbes).

We are in the world where there is a shortage of talent and that is hard to find. Someone has to have the right attributes for the growing industry and by that, I mean communication is a great factor. Someone who has good communication skills has an edge in the competition. Below are some reasons why it is considered as a great factor in hiring:

     1.       English becomes the widely used language in business. Surely, hiring managers don’t want to take risks on someone who has poor sentence construction. Business is greatly affected by miscommunication and perhaps it means loss of profits if we want to put it in a grave situation. The English language is hard to master considering its complexities and rich vocabularies. However, non-native speakers can learn the language through constant practice, training, and reading. There are short courses offered on basic, intermediate, and advanced English language learning. Why don’t we enroll and start learning the language?

     2.       Confidence. Strange as it may sound, but someone who speaks English very well is congruent to confidence. It may mean to some hiring managers or recruiters that you can talk to anyone. You can communicate your mind and express your thoughts effectively, and that is important to business. Hiring personnel would choose someone who speaks his mind effectively using the language that is used universally.

     3.       Smart attribute. As I have mentioned in my older article, "Importance of English Language: How Does It Affect Our Future?" someone who communicates well in English appears as being “smart.” In my experience as a hiring officer, we always go for someone who has a strong command of English language because technical skills can be taught, but soft skills such as English fluency is integral and that has to be taken into major consideration. Speaking is an art that cannot be taught in one session or two.  We all know that business could not function without communication from inside and outside the organization. It is smart when you have the power to influence the minds and decision of stakeholders and investors through effective and smart communication prowess. We need smart people in our business.

     4.       It is needed for customer service to improve business. We build a business to attract customers and earn. To earn a lot, one has to satisfy his customers in a way that both parties are not compromised. It is done through effective communication skills especially for international companies that are trying to expand and improve its presence globally. Comforting words, assurance, willingness to help and eagerness to build rapport to customers are best expressed when you have a strong foundation of English language at your purse.

More companies are trying to go global right now and that means attracting customers worldwide. It is done when you know how to speak to everyone and communicate in both written and spoken English. Giant countries such as the USA and Europe, China (accorded English language education as much importance and widely regarded as national as well as a personal asset) are some of the big countries that invest business globally and English is used. Great opportunities are open to those who speak, understand, and write better English.