Tips on How to Get Rid of Stress at Work


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

The big factor people leave their job is the stress at work. It is the invisible culprit that stings the minds of people to bring them down. There are many ways to challenge ourselves in taking the precautions to combat this one thing that hinders you from performing. Below simple suggestions to eliminate the stress at work:

    1.       Avoid being a perfectionist. There goes the cliché saying that nobody is perfect. True enough, this will just lead you to stress at the end of the day. We cannot expect people in tour team to be perfect and work flawlessly all the time. When you are trying to be perfect, chances are, you cannot live life the fullest and that mean you deprive yourself the challenges and surprises of life. You’ll end up depressed over something that sometimes takes the time to achieve. Perfectionists believe that there is no room for mistakes and that is unhealthy especially in the workplace.

    2.       Set your goals one at a time. It is good when you know how to multi-task but do you know that it harms your mind? Dr. Travis Bradberry of TalentSmart said that multitasking damages your brain and that it lowers IQ. These were proven through research from the University of Sussex. They have found out that high multitaskers had less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex, a region responsible for empathy as well as cognitive and emotional control. Having said that having your mind focused on multiple tasks gives you the disadvantage to performing better. Scatterbrain will add up to you being emotionally and intellectually stressed. Set your goals one at a time, prepare a checklist of the things that you need to do, tick those you have completed and jump to the next one. It is one way to organize your job and it makes your brain healthy.

    3.       Ignore toxic people. There’s always toxic people in every organization and how we deal with them affects our behavior and performance at work. Toxic people are hard to deal with. They extract every energy in your body and will give you nothing but stress and unhealthy environment. If you want to perform better at work, distant yourself from this kind of people.

    4.       Get enough sleep. Prior to going to work, you should get enough a good night sleep. It will give you enough energy and good feeling at work. Enough sleep will generate cells in your body and will make you feel alive the next day. It is hard to concentrate at work when you are sleepy and that means the quality of work is compromised.

    5.       Get some exercise. Exercise will bring more benefits as it is one way to stay healthy. A healthy body is a healthy mind. Sweat out the stress away and it will make you feel good. When inside the office, it is recommended to stretch your body every 2 hours to let the blood function freely. Twist your body and arms simultaneously, blink your eyes several times, and take a deep breath. Also, take a short break every 15 minutes especially if your work requires you to stay in front of your computer all day.

    6.       Drink plenty of water. Water gives a lot of benefits in our body. It neutralizes our body temperature. When feeling a little fatigue, drink a glass of water ad it will make you feel relaxed. It is said (Amanda Carlson, MS, RD, CSSD) that when being dehydrated for half a liter increases your cortisol level in your body. That cortisol is one of the stress hormones, and I’m sure you don’t want that. All your organs in the body, including your brain, require water to function well.

A healthy lifestyle at work is something that we need to prioritize. We work to earn, or to achieve simple pleasures in life. Stress management at work would elevate employee’s performance and that is needed for a better career path. There’s no good at stress. It is something that we can control and avoid once and for all because they would bring us down, noting the psychological effects it has to give us. Be stress-free, it will give us joy!