Leveraging Social Media to its Prime


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

One click of the mouse and the news spreads like a ripple in the ocean. Social media is prevalent and indeed used as a platform to share updates, information, and one’s inner self. We cannot stop the power of social media in connecting to the world and its dominations. However, aside from the purpose that we already know such sharing feelings and photos, spreading gossip and heartaches, etc, social media has something more to offer.
Let us talk about its use for employment and brand building. Below are the things you can do with it:

1.      Platform for Employment. According to Statista, facebook had 1.86 billion active users in the fourth quarter of 2016 and it is considered the most popular social network worldwide. There are 310.1 Million users of twitter, and LinkedIn has over 467 million members worldwide. Having said that, how many do you think are logging in to check employment updates? Recruiters are now using social media to post vacancies and involved it as a hiring platform. It is a very effective podium in recruiting and sourcing the right candidates to fill the job. Linkedin, for example, is designed to do that. Most certainly, facebook groups can be created to recruit and find talent or you may want to follow a certain recruiter or recruitment agencies on twitter. Build your career using social media, it’s just right there in front of you.

2.      Platform to Develop Business. With the aid of technology and these social media platform, building your company identity and brand made it easier nowadays. Chris Ferdinandi has a great statement about this. “Every time you talk about your organization’s culture, you build your company brand.” This will help people understand your core business, your values at work, and your mission and vision. Twitter and facebook find their ways to have it known to the world. SEOs would explain it better as technology is so handy. Tweet your organization, talk about it, share it on facebook, and create a brand in LinkedIn. That way, marketing is much more effective than the primitive ways such as fliers and radio broadcast because the majority of us now is in the face of these giant network sites.

3.      Build Connection with the Professionals. I think this is the best solution for those who wanted opportunities to knock on their doors. Again, don’t just wait for the opportunity to knock, create them and do something! I believe you are a step closer to your dream job or business success if you know how to find them. Connecting with the professionals worldwide makes it easy for one to do it. Use them to contact the Management, HR Professionals, and people who are involved in the business. Updates are provided along with company’s twitter account, so follow. Updates are made in facebook account, so like, share and read. Updates are shared in LinkedIn so apply!

4.      Platform for research. Research centers, if not all, are present in social media. Public and private organizations are there too! A lot of information are shared as public domain and some share for payment. In whatever you want it, you can get updated information that you need which are drawn from research, and tests, and surveys. Those businessmen, scholars, writers, publishers and experts in social media make it easy for you to do your primary research. Again, they can be your connections!

5.      Skills and Professional Development. Certainly, you can acquire skills because some private organizations are giving a lot of training topics that are present in social media such as LinkedIn. There are free training that you can register or if you wanted certifications, you may want to pay for it as well. The thing is, all these can now be done using this site. It is a perfect way of developing your talent and skills without compromising your time in going to the classroom and listen to the lectures. With these, you can learn at your most convenient time and at the comfort of your home.

There’s no wrong with sharing photos and sharing love shout and blahs in social media. We can use it for personal and professional gain instead because it is not only limited for a pleasure that it offers but to develop our lives. They are created for us to use and gain something from them. Twit, share, like, shout-out, update, and post good and useful information for gains.

This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.