The Power of Non-Verbal Messages


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

The power of words truly makes a significant change to the society as a whole. It has the power to influence, inspire, and encourage every individual to do great things to improve the quality of life. If words do all these, actions do even more in telling the whole story that not only delivers messages but gives clear meaning.
Non-verbal messages have the ability to deliver the message in a subtle and intelligent way. Below are the things that non-verbal behaviors can do to a speaker:

1.   Effective Communication. Communication in its sense is the manner of transmitting information to one another. It is a two-way process of creating a meaningful conversation that best grasped by both listener and speaker. Communication is much more effective if it is coupled with non-verbal cues such as hand gestures, nods, facial expressions, etc. There are ideas and thoughts that are better left be shown than spoken.

2.   Makes you look smart and energetic. A lot of things have been said that probably make your audience fall of boredom. As what people say, actions speak louder than words. This does not limit to the meaning that the non-verbal convey, it also does more than that! It makes one look smart and energetic -- smart in a sense that these actions are not easily mastered in one blow, it is with constant practice and exposure. The awareness of cultural context behind the non-verbal cues is a lot to take in unless you travel a lot, read a lot, and observe keenly. The energy that a speaker exerts during the talk makes a difference in keeping his audience alive and engaged.  

3.   Relieves stress. As it is true that stress reflects on our facial expression or gestures, but talking using our body makes the stress disperse. Our hand gestures, head and eye movement, a walk, are considered non-verbal activities that convey messages. They also give good benefit to loosen you up and feel comfortable as you go along with your talk for they are forms of exercise to make you feel at ease. Stress is the number one enemy of a great speaker as it hinders us from speaking effectively. However, if you use your body to combat the pressure you’re feeling, it will make you not only comfortable but also a great and a convincing speaker.

4.   Makes you look like a pro. A great speaker knows two things: his ideas to be spoken and his ideas to effectively tell without words. Mastery of these two has the advantage for one to be great at what he does. A well-established name and credibility mean better business.

5.   Leaves a good impression. When talking, you’ll have the chance to build rapport with your audience and leave quite a good impression. A good impression is not measured by what you say, but on how you say it. Your tone of voice, convincing expressions, and eye contact are non-verbal things that one should consider.

Non-verbal messages, when mastered will give a person the power to be on top of the crafty domination of speaking engagements like no one else does. So, take a step ahead, speak, and wave your hands!

This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.