How to Leave a Good Impression that Lasts


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

In wherever part of the world you are, attitude really counts a lot before anybody else will generate judgment on you. People see you and will instantly judge and it’s up to you on how you make others give judgment. Below are the things that you want to consider if you wanted to leave good impressions to others:

1.   Be proactive. In the workplace, being proactive to the tasks will make quite an impact on your supervisor and colleagues. It means a lot to your character and a well-established work ethics that your supervisor or manager will not regret in hiring you. It is a game of diligence and rich values at work.

2.   Smile. Don’t fake it because people will see it in your eyes. Smile lightens up someone’s day even those who struggles a lot. It is a powerful tool in making people like you as it generates positive vibes and a welcoming presence. It exudes a positive energy that the people needs. Added to the list, drawing a smile on your face gives people the idea that you are an approachable person and that they will build trust on you.

3.   Greet genuinely. A simple hello or good morning to people won’t hurt. It tells so much about your character that you are a person who is polite and cares about the humanity. Being so passive to your colleagues or to the people around you makes the environment toxic as it drags the good ambiance down to its zero point friendliness zone.

4.   Communicate regularly. Communication is vital in every situation. It emanates avoidance of any conflict that may arise. Constant communication with your colleagues or manager speaks something about you that you are conversant enough to know something that would make you a better person.

5.   Speak truthfully. Integrity in the workplace is something that is badly needed from all. One of the requirements to achieve such integrity is by speaking truthfully in every communication you have, be it in writing or speaking. It is the ultimate behavior that radiates from our inner self which makes us a better person as a result.

These simple acts require no training and should be coming from ourselves. Behaviors such as these are basic things to consider yet will make a person likable and trusted.