Tips for Writing a Stirring Graduation Speech


Graduation day is fast approaching and the smell of the honors’ list is in the air. 

There are students who are gifted with intelligence and made them on top of their class and as a result, a privilege to speak and deliver inspiring remarks to his fellow graduates. If you are one of those “gifted” and smart graduates, this article is for you as a guide in writing your graduation speech that lasts a lifetime.

1.       Begin with acknowledgment and gratitude. Okay, this is basic but basics are important. Let us show them that being smart is a total package of the right amount of attitude and enough skills. Acknowledge the people around you especially the guests who spent their time to be with you in your graduation day despite their hectic schedules. Thank your parents who are very proud watching you and listening to every word you say. Mind you, they are the proudest people on earth. Your teachers deserve it too! They untiringly and willingly spend almost the time of their life buckling down for you!

2.       Talk about your experience that inspires. Every person has experienced ups and downs. It would be great if you could share your experience that draws lessons, inspirations and which made you strive harder. This is the time to let people see that setbacks are not a bad thing at all.

3.       Integrate humor. I think you already have an idea why. The attention span of people listening to your speech may not be as long as your speech itself so giving them a humorous statement from time to time would make a huge difference. This is one way of keeping your listeners engaged and focused on you.

4.       State a quote that inspires. The quotations that you include in your speech must be the ones coming from famous or “well-known” individuals with whom people easily identify. They are those who exist to inspire and teach people lessons of a lifetime. Such quotations will make an impact on your speech as they are the reflection of the truth of life.

5.       Write whenever you feel relaxed. This is an important consideration in writing a speech. A great time to write an inspirational speech is whenever you have relaxed mind and body. The train of thought will flow smoothly according to what you think and feel. This is also the time when you feel at your best will make you motivated.

6.       Mean every word you write and say. Be truthful not because you are at the top but because you want to leave an impact on them. A good speech is coming from the heart, not for the sake of creating a brilliant one with no heart in it.

7.       End with a bang. An open-ended question perhaps will work. I don’t know. It’s up to you on how to end your speech that will make quite an impact. A cheer maybe or one hell of a humorous statement. Well, relevant joke of the century will do, or the like as the last scene before the commercial break. You decide.