How to Groom Yourself for Interview


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

It’s only a matter of time when a recruiter will decide to hire you or not. Therefore you have to leave a good impression not only about your skills but also on how you dress up for an interview. The Below list is the recommendation drawn from research by experts.

1.       Wear a business attire. Speaking of business attire, I mean a formal attire and that calls for tie and suit. Long sleeves for men, with black or blue coat depending on your taste. Make sure to match the color of your tie to you inner shirt. If your inner is dark, your tie should be light in color and vice versa. For women, a black or blue blazer and a skirt of slacks pants work. The rule is simple like that of the men. You don’t need a fancy wear but comfort and respectable outfit count a lot.

2.       Belt and shoes. A leather shoe, black or brown is congruent to formality. However, note that the color of your belt should be the same as the color of your shoes. Always remember to shine your shoes so it will look nice and smart!

3.       Socks. This is probably the least thing that will ever occur in your mind upon preparing your interview outfit. But these little garments really matter a lot when it comes to professionalism. Black socks really suit in whatever color of your suits, sleeves, or belt you have. It is a generic color that projects elegance.

4.       Watch and Jewelries. Glittery jewelry and accessories should be left at home. You are not going to a ball or a fashion show. A watch to wear doesn’t have to be expensive and please leave your G-shocks or that of the sports watches you have because you are not running or climbing a mountain - it would be inappropriate. According to Timothy Barber, Editor of watch World, “Opt for a slimmer watch with your interview suit and try to find one you can wear with cufflinks so that it doesn’t ruin the line of your sleeve.

5.      Hair and make-up. Men are encouraged to cut hair an average length that matches your personality. A tidy-look haircut makes a great impression about yourself. Apply a hair gel or hair wax to make it look fresh. Women should wear a light make-up and please do not overdo it as you are not attending a beauty pageant or some sort.

      It’s not ALWAYS about the skills and credentials that matter, your appearance and over-all look count in landing a job. Your looks reflect your personality and professionalism. It is a measurement on how you take care of yourself and manage your time. America’s Workplace Guru, Stephen Vicusi says that “The secret to landing a job is distinguishing yourself from the competition, that is, from the other people interviewing for the job. It is a combination of each of these characteristics with intangibles, such as chemistry and those little personal things that separate you from everyone else."

This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.