6 Important Definitions of Excellent Customer Service


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

Coming up with a real definition of customer service made me do a profound thinking and contemplating. It is the very vital aspect of business success in various industries specifically the Business Process Outsource or the BPO.
In a sense of winning customer’s loyalty, what really is a customer service? I made a list of its definition according to what I experienced and learned.

   1.   It is giving your customer an honest answer to their questions. Speaking with an irate customer because he recently got his enormous bill, is quite a difficult task. Customer will definitely ask how on earth his bill became that high. As a representative of your company, all you could give to your customer are your consistent explanation and honesty to the reasons behind the increase. Now, there are some CSR (customer service representative) who wouldn’t give a care explaining honestly to the customers just to get away with a long call that hurts their handling time.

   2.   Customer Service means empathy. Let us dig deeper as to why empathy makes a great customer service. As a human being, we are bombarded with several overwhelming emotions. We talk to hundreds of people each day who have different experiences and emotions. Some may have had a loved one passed away, some probably have just experienced heartbreaks, etc. Talking to a customer who is upset and hysterical with no apparent reason, yet the best thing we could offer is sincere empathy with what they have been going through. Empathy with sincerity is different than just empathize for the sake of saying it. After all, it does not hurt to be nice and it is always hard to get mad at someone who is nice.

   3.   Customer Service means resolving customer’s issue in a timely manner. Customers won’t usually dwell for a long time over the phone talking to someone they don’t know. They call or talk to you to get their problems resolved as fast as possible. Addressing their concerns quickly would make them happy and satisfied but of course without having compromised the quality of your conversation. When you sound in a hurry, the customer will know that you are not engaged and you seem to be focused on ending the call.

   4.   Customer Service means extending help to satisfy your customers. I know that we are sometimes taught to resolve the very concern of the customers upon calling. However, customers will appreciate if help is extended especially if this is done in favor of them. Always remember that you are there to help them, make them happy and satisfied. Don’t leave a room for a single frustration for some of their issues have not been resolved (though they sometimes forget to tell you first-hand a minor issue) because this will give them a bad customer experience. Asking them if there’s anything else you could help them is a perfect phrase to extend help other than the resolved ones.

   5.   Customer service means building rapport with the customers. This may seem a little bit difficult for non-native English speakers. Asking how your day is, and how’s the weather is overrated. Learning one’s culture is the key. As a representative, a soft skill must be perfected in order to connect with the customer. It is more than just asking usual questions that are often cracked by some of us but it goes beyond that. Personalizing your call or calling them by their first name is one step towards connecting with your customers. Give a light tone, listen to their voice, listen to the background noise if there’s any, and say something about it make it easier to build rapport with them. Be very cautious in inserting something funny when the customer is upset. You know what I am thinking right?

   6.   Customer service means turning negative to positive. You may be wondering how it becomes possible. “No”, “I don’t know”, “I can’t”, “there’s nothing more”, etc. These are the words that a customer hates to hear. It is just about positive phrasing. This is part of the soft skills training that all of us must be aware of. If situation caught you off guard and you cannot do anything more, why don’t you try the following sentences?

“I’m sorry but I cannot activate your service.” Instead, “I can activate your service once the payment is made…” or “Here’s what I can do…”

“I don’t know the answer to your questions.” Instead, That is a good question, let me go ahead and find that out for you.”

Customer service is a very important skill that all of us must have in whatever kind of business we are in. This is the very soul of the business. The ability of one person to pacify an angry customer is a good example of showing a service that is world class. Always remember that an excellent customer service is equivalent to an excellent business.