Top 5 Faulty Sentences Teachers Say

By: D.S.M.

Every day, I go around the primary school campus checking on student attendance and cannot help but overhear what some of the non-English native teachers say. Take note though that these are heard in the afternoon classes when most of them already had at least 5 sessions -- in short, they are somewhere between tired and exhausted to having an extreme energy gap. Here we go:

5. What did I told you? 

What does the rule say? If we are using the helping verb "did", then the main verb it refers to (in this case, the verb told) should be in its base form. Thus, "What did I tell you?"

I know that teachers are aware of this rule. Either that they are too tired at times they no longer know what they are blurting out or their brain can no longer process the information (Warning: Brain battery low!). Also, a lot of people are a bit confused about this, or may already have forgotten about this rule.

4. Another one thing.

The word "another" refers to an additional person, or thing, of the same type as one already mentioned or known about ( Adding "one thing" after it makes the whole phrase repeating in thought. We may say Another thing... or one more thing, whichever is appropriate.

3. Repeat it again.

Items #3 and #4 share the same problem -- redundancy! Repeating something is doing it again. So when you say "Repeat it again.", it is like saying "Do it again, again." How many times does one need to do a thing? Better: Repeat it. or Again.

2. Arms forward, raise, now!

Well, if your mind is really tired, your body might be, too. So if arms were not raised when you said "raise", you might want to yell "Now!" 

But technically, this line tells students what to do (Arms forward) and when to do it (Raise). 

And the top one... wait for it... wait for it...

1. Irregardless...

Regardless of the reasons, it should still be "regardless".

This is one of the 13 commonly misused English words as described in the previous post and the teachers are not exempted from committing that mistake!

Teachers are people, too. This means to say that anyone can make mistakes! They need rest to refresh themselves, and perhaps some refresher courses also. I salute all teachers who, despite the energy gap, still stick to their profession and passion.

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