Simple TIPS on How to Survive in College

College is perhaps one of the most difficult days of student’s life. 

 This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

Living out of your comfort zone may be a bit of a challenge for some and it requires adjustment. Yes, it takes some time to adjust in an environment where people around you seem like strangers and do not care at all.  There are different styles or techniques that students use in order to survive college. Here are some tips for your reference:

1.       Focus. Pay attention to the reasons why you are in College. You are there to study and prepare for the challenges of life. Unfortunately, most of the students don’t get why they are there in the first place. College is not an avenue of getting loose and getting drunk all night or any other forms of revenge in life. You are there to study and acquire a degree for a better life ahead.

2.       Choose your friends. This is probably the most cliché phrase that you’ve read. But it is true. Your circle of friends has a big impact on your entire stay in college. They are your second family away from home. They influence the way you think today and do tomorrow and it affects your behavior. As you can see, friends play a major role in your life even in simple things like going out to a movie. I know that sometimes you don’t want to go out alone and you wanted to bring your friends with you. Go to a restaurant, you have your friends with you. Go to the library, you have your friends with you. Go shopping, you have your friends with you, etc. It seems that we are surrounded by people every day no matter what we do and we call them our friends.

3.       Know your professors. Whether you like it or not, it is your professors who would make and break you. It is at the tip of their pen and on what kind of stroke they’re going to use that would define your future at the school. They may either pass you or fail you. So just a tip, know your professors. Know their way or methods of teaching in order for you to grasp the lessons easily. Moreover, kill their exams by learning the kind of test that they give and the items and keywords that they normally include. Remember, it is easy to study when you already have an idea of what will come out on the test.

4.       Get in touch with your loved ones. There is no better cure for anxiety and nostalgia than seeing and keeping your family and loved ones at your side. College life is different. Sometimes you need to live by yourself away from them. That’s part of the process of learning to be independent. To avoid too much nostalgia, be in touched with your friends and family. The innovations of technology are right in front of us. We can now send them emails, send SMS, make calls, internet-aided communications such as video messaging and stuff like that. It is now easier to communicate in today’s world and so this helps.

5.       Have fun. Don’t forget that we are a social being. We need to define our purpose and at the same time have fun in dealing with life. College is not all about studying, but studying while having fun is a different story and integration is the key. Go out with your friends if time allows.  Socialize in a moderate way but do not compromise your schedule of classes and examination days. More importantly, bear in mind not to overdo it and know your limits. This is one way of finding motivations to do more and be resilient in everything we do. Once we find fulfillment and fun, it is easier to cope with challenges that we face every day. 

    These tips may be of great help for some - not considering the monetary reasons, though. Whether you are in college or planning to go to college, this is the time for you to examine yourself and take a big decision of your life. As I said, college is not easy and it takes a lot of effort and smart approach to surviving. Remember, struggles may be real, but the fruit after college and employment is the sweetest.

 This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.