Updated: 6 Reasons Employees Stay in Their Jobs

Many of us have found ourselves on our desks in front of a computer or in front of the students teaching, some deal business with the customers, and some fix plates, tables, chairs, and cooks for our ladies and gentlemen. No matter what we do, we are in a job. But the question is, how do we get into that kind of job and what made us decide to stay or made us resilient to the kind of environment we are in?

Our decisions affect our future and that is a great factor why we continue to live the kind of employment we have. Most of us are happy with it, some are aspiring for more, and some seemed to be contented. In order for us to grow professionally, we must take into consideration and decide intelligently the kind of company that we should spend our time with. There are factors to consider and bear in mind the reasons why people stay in and resign from their job.

1. Compensation. Employees stay if they are properly compensated. That is one of the major reasons why people get into a job no matter what it takes. In fact, this should not be in question at all because we work for us to be paid. We work for us to provide the needs of our family – food on the table, decent clothes, comfortable house, education for our children, luxurious vacation, etc.  We must look for a company that provides well-compensated terms to its employees. Unfortunately, some companies do not consider their employees as customers. Employees are the internal customers and that we should take care of our internal customers if we want to satisfy our external customers for it is very difficult to work, and at the same time be efficient with an empty stomach.

2. Career Growth. I am a firm believer of excellence and that it can be achieved if one finds himself growing and feels great at what he does. This is done if you are doing what is expected of you to do and even surpassing or exceeding your employer’s expectations. Once you are able to live up to the specific standards of the company, there will be a great chance for you to advance your career. You just need to do a great job through experience and learn as much as you can. However, it is not as easy as one, two, and three. You need to be passionate. Now bear in mind the KPI (Key Performance Index) used as a tool in measuring how well you do in your designation. Employees love to stay in this kind of environment where efforts and service are recognized.

3. Promotion. Speaking of workplace recognition, promotion is a great factor why employees are loyal to their employer. It is one thing other than monetary aspect that most of the workers or staff are after. It is one way for them to be motivated and do more as it always feels nice to know that your hard work and perseverance are paid off. In a workplace, there are lots of competition and it’s just right that those who are doing very well and productive in their tasks deserve to be acknowledged by promoting them. Who wouldn’t want to be promoted? After all, promotion means a raise.

4. Trust. As they say, trust is earned and it is something that is very difficult to give to someone. However, in the world of employment, it is a vital aspect that an employee needs in order to survive and do good at their job. Who would want a boss who sneaks around to his subordinates? Who would want a boss who puts CCTV Camera on each table of his colleagues? Who would want a boss who checks on you and your email every second and sees if you’re doing your job or not? Trust is important and that means everything to the employees.

5. Engagement. There are no better ways of making our organization a better place to work with by having very engaging activities. By having an engagement does not only mean physical activities that make it lively, but also having our employees involved in decision making with the important tasks or decisions to make. Their ideas matter a lot and every single idea can make a difference. It makes our employees feel important and that their voices and opinions are heard and taken into consideration. It is difficult to leave an organization that promotes engagement to their employees and even those who left chose to go back.

6. Learning and Development. To achieve greatness at work, one must be competitive enough to do his duties and responsibilities. That is why most of the companies put emphasis on the Learning and Development programs for their employees. Millennial employees are very adaptable to changes and easily get bored especially if they don’t find challenge in their job anymore. Why not provide them programs for learning and develop their talents and skills? Hone their talents and use their skills to the optimum level. Some employees find it more challenging especially if they know something new. Most employees seek to learn, find their potentials, and love personal development. Mind you, most of the companies use training and development as a way to retain talent.

These are just some of the reasons why employees stay in their organization. Perhaps they find it good for themselves and is very satisfied with what they have. If you are an individual seeking for career or an employer trying to attract talents, you may want to regard the above points.