The Importance of English Language: How does it affect our future?


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

English Language proficiency is, perhaps one of the qualities that a person should possess to enter the professional arena. This is due to the fact that globalization of different industries and sectors has been conspicuous in different parts of the world. 

In order to get at par with the modern world where the English language is widely used, it is very essential that one should be proficient both in written and spoken English. Please consider the below reasons:

1.       Business Expansion of several business tycoons is unstoppable. As the business grows from nation to nation, it is very evident that communication is the priority. Without it, no business shall ever reach a milestone in expanding side by side with the world. Among the reasons that one should be proficient in English is seen within the organization especially on how people develop the business. It is imbibed with coordinating and making business correspondences, making business proposals, spearheading business presentations, leading business tours, recruiting, meeting with clients, etc.

2.       Interviews and international forums use English as a medium. I hate to admit that people are sometimes having this kind of mentality that those who can speak English well are considered “intellectual” and most qualified. True enough we have that mindset of English proficient is equivalent to being intelligent. Perhaps, that is due to the business and corporate demands. As what Frank Smith said, “One language sets you in a corridor of life. Two languages open every door along the way.” Yes, being bilingual is similar to flexibility and it opens up different opportunities.

3.       Technology is so dynamic. As it evolves to a certain degree of breakthrough, people stretch their hands out for a definite proportion. The usability of one's gadget, for example, also relies on how user-friendly it can be. User-friendly means, how easy is it to use. In order for people to understand better, the language to use is the language used globally. Many of you might have noticed that the language used in making programs to advancing information technology is English.

4.       Film Industry uses the English language. Whether you agree with me or not, a film can reach billions of revenues when it is distributed in the different part of the world. In order for people to appreciate the film, it has to be accepted culturally, and linguistically. Moreover, having the film in English would save people from looking at the subtitles while enjoying the pleasure of watching. Sometimes, if not most of the times, reading subtitles for one to understand the thought is a reduction of concentration and a hitch to the non-verbal messages found in the movie.