6 Tips to Consider in Speaking before the Crowd


This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

Speaking in front of the crowd is a communication skill that is indeed a moment for one to inform, influence, and inspire others. Perhaps, half of the world no longer reads to be informed but most of them listen instead. Effective public speaking skills are needed to do all these reasons and so, I have come up with a helpful list to consider before speaking in front of the crowd.

1.       Research. I know that some of you may be well aware of the part in which people will ask questions after the speech or presentation. I am sure you don’t want to look ludicrous in front of your audience when asked something that you don’t know. Having said that, it is important to back up your knowledge by doing some research prior to giving a talk. Make sure that you have a substantial amount of research that would validate the information that you’re giving. Audience seeks for substance, and knowledge is what you will share and that has to be credible through the right sources and measures.

2.       Review your speech. In writing, it is important that you have to read it multiple times to make sure that you spot all the errors. This is important because being a speaker, people look at you as an intellectual human being with the power to influence and to make business with. So, the content of your speech should be flawless and it means without grammar errors, inappropriate word choice and the like. A well-written speech is as strong as a hypnotism in an immediate basis. Sometimes, it is hard to spot errors by yourself. Ask someone to do it for you, perhaps someone who is knowledgeable enough to make such corrections.

3.       Backup plan. It is advisable to have a backup plan for all the things that you will present. It is a prevention that is better than cure. Materials that you will use in presenting during your talk contribute to the development of the overall performance and success. These materials may be your power point presentation, video clips, and any other forms of audio-visual tools. Having a backup plan does not necessarily mean that you forecast an epic fail of your materials but who knows? These technologies can be affected by any other forces that would make them malfunction and vulnerable. A backup plan is one way for you to be always ready in case of inevitable technical troubles. We are being provided with a lot of devices to store our presentations and materials to such as hard drives, pen drives, and cloud technologies. They are all within reach and it does not hurt to take the time to save our work in different forms of storage devices. Be smart!

4.       Practice. Well, this may be overrated but it is true. If you want to have perfection in everything you do, constant practice is the key. There are things that you may notice about yourself when you practice in front of the mirror or tape your voice in a recording machine. You may notice some odd gestures that you must not do when speaking or notice a high pitch of your voice which is unnecessary. These are major things for you to consider in delivering your speech as they help you convey the message effectively. Practice before the talk is very important. It gives you the time to evaluate yourself if there are things that you need to improve on and if there are things that you need to change or do more.

5.       Arrive early. The essentials of being punctual are often ignored by many. In public speaking, it is very important to come to the place early to make sure that you have the “feel” of the stage and the proximity. This would make you comfortable and prevent being overwhelmed with the surroundings. You’ll get the chance to do your blockings of the spot on stage where you want to go to in whichever part of your speech that is appropriate. Stand on the stage and pretend that you’ve been there several times and that you are the master of the center stage. This will boost your confidence and will help you be at ease during the delivery.

6.       Take a deep breath. Before going to the stage, make sure to take a deep breath as it will make you feel relaxed and ready. Crack your knuckles and stretch out backstage. Your nerves will loosen up and it will make you comfortable. Bit your lips, and massage your face. These tips are helpful especially to those who always feel nervous.

Conor Neill of Forbes said that the ability to speak in front of the public will bring you more opportunities in life. Well, he is correct. The ability to speak in front of the crowd takes more than just a gut – it takes skills and bravery. Those skills probably are the most wanted skills especially in the field of business. Most of us feel anxious about it but with the right aid of the information presented above, we can always overcome the fear of the unknown.

This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.