6 Essential Phrases and Sentences used by Great Leaders

 Leadership at its Best

 This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.

Being a leader is not just learned within a period of time but it is acquired through experience and a continuous learning process. 

It is an essential skill of a person who stands out among the rest of us who are involved in the business. Leaders are the people who put their best foot forward to be able to influence, inspire, and touch other’s lives and purpose. Leadership comes in different situations and in different places. The question is, what really defines a leader? What are his ways and how does he deal with his subordinates? It comes down to one of the most important parts – his words. Below are the examples of phrases that a good leader use:

    1.       “Let’s do it.” Powerful isn’t it? A leader use “us” instead of “you”. He always involves himself in the process of doing the tasks of the entire team. This differentiates the leader from a boss. He does not dictate and he does not force.

    2.       “It would be better if… What do you think?” Now, this is encouraging and engaging. Employees are motivated to do their job once they are engaged in decision making especially if this is a work of a team. It is strange but a leader consults his subordinates. Having them involved in a conversation and asking their opinion about something give them an impression that they matter.

    3.       “You’re doing a great job.” A simple pat on the back is good but gluing it with this kind of commendation feels like you created a major impact on the development of the team. It is a silent encouragement for them to do better and at the same time, it is a very loud applause that they would ever hear.

    4.       “Thank you.” The word of magic is not only limited to abracadabra or those words uttered in Harry Potter series but the simple thank you is a magic that lives in the heart of an individual. It is inspiring in a sense that this simple actuation brings light and good aura to the life of the people around you. It is a simple word of gratitude that illuminates positive vibes and good demeanor in the workplace.

    5.       “I’m sorry.” Now, this may be the hardest thing to say among leaders. However, a true leader knows how to accept and ask apology to the person he wronged. It takes courage to accept the reality that sometimes we make mistake and what makes it hard for some is the fact that they are in the higher seat. So, saying sorry does not kill. It does not make you less a leader if you’re doing that. In fact, people will look up to you because you are courageous.

    6.       “It’s okay...We’ll make it better this time.” Admit it or not, failure is part of growth and it is part of life. In the workplace, we just don’t enjoy the glory of success but the time comes that failures get in the way to shake us. A leader must know how to pacify and make things right for his underlying employees. Saying these words not only gives the people a positive outlook and determination but also a real support which is very important for them. This says a lot towards the attitude that mistakes happen but making it right the second time around makes it different.

As what Melisa McLeod said, the words of the leader matter. True indeed, he has the power to not only influence but also to inspire others to do better in becoming effective employees. Remember that as a leader, you are their second guardian aside from their parents because they look up to you. So, the above sentences that effective leaders use are just some of the examples that you may want to consider especially if you are an aspirant leader. 

 This article is originally authored by Sir Neb.