5 Important Things that a Great Public Speaker Should Possess

It takes great effort and experience to become an effective public speaker. There are no tricks nor some sort of magic that would make a person a great speaker in an instant. Continuous toil and perhaps the right amount of experience would make one better.
What really are the things that a great public speaker should possess? Below is a list of things that would make a person great at doing talks in front of the public:

1.      Credibility. This is very important among the things that a speaker should possess and it is the hardest one to get as well. Credibility means the capacity to bring the information to a higher level of truthfulness. It is showing your audience that you are speaking in a manner in which a considerable amount of honesty and integrity are put together. Using your own product and experience the result before talking in front of your potential customers is an example of credibility. Using your beauty products that you are trying to sell is another example. Presenting a thesis that you researched by yourself is another one. With all these examples, a speaker would find it easy to explain, convey, and communicate his ideas to his audience because he experienced it first-hand.

2.      Confidence. It takes a lot of efforts and practice to be confident. Some say it is an innate ability of a person but some say it can be developed. Confidence is exactly what a speaker needs right there on stage. It is the very center of success because all the brilliant information and smart ideas are nothing if they are delivered by a timid and shy person. Confidence is what it takes to be successful in every conference and talk. This nerve-wracking activity is absolutely not for everybody. Only those who grow confidence in them to be able to break the center stage and influence others.

3.      Communication skills. Exceptional communication skills are needed to attain the greatest height in a public speaking situation. In communication, the way you convey your message matters. It is not just the content but the pronunciation, delivery, diction, and non-verbal cues are important as well. They are the spices that make a speaker give a great talk.

4.      Humor. The attention span of every individual does not last long especially in a cozy and comfortable venue for a two or three-hour speaking engagements. Humor is specifically tailored by the speakers to capture the attention of the listeners. It is a great way to keep them engaged and focused on the discussion. Cracking humorous jokes or coming up with a funny statement is difficult at some point because not all the people listening could relate. Jokes have to be culturally accepted and the familiarity of the language affects the effectiveness of humor that is hidden behind the words. This is why it takes an intelligent and smart man to make people laugh at the same time engaged in a discussion.

5.      Charm. Having this kind of personality helps to be a great speaker. This means that you possess a desirable trait of an agreeable and charismatic person. How to become a charismatic person? Well, it can’t be taught. It is a combination of all good qualities of a person such as confidence, truthfulness, kindness, active listener, intelligence, and being a people person.

While it is true that some of us are gifted with the public speaking skills, some become effective after a numerous training and experience. Standing up for what you believe in and share to the public is indeed a privilege that not all are given the chance. The above-listed things provide us an avenue and a chance to be a great public speaker that we desire.