Career Transition: Best ways to handle it

By: Noriel E. Banes
We used to dream humongous when we were little. Some dreamed to become a pilot someday. Some wanted to become a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer, and some wanted to become a priest. Of course, those dreams become variables as we grow up. Yes, there are those who are lucky enough to have dreamed as such and ended up doing what they have dreamt about. We get to grow up and we certainly become aware of our surroundings and open our eyes to different interests that the world has prepared for us. We entered into the University and took the major that we wished with the vision that we end up doing what we love doing. We seemed to get a good vision of how our life will look like after we graduate. Trust me, it seemed surreal and magnificent thinking of a comfortable life, earning, and at the same time being in a profession that you desire.
Sometimes life directed us towards a path which was entirely different from what we wanted for ou…

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