Being Inquisitive: A Point of favor towards employment

By: Noriel E. Banes

It is human nature to ask if something is vague or needs further explanation. Same goes during interviews. It is expected for the candidate to ask as many questions as possible to the interviewer. Being inquisitive can be an additional point for a candidate towards landing a job. However, being inquisitive can also put you in deep waters and it may mean a red flag for the hiring personnel. Having said that, we should filter the questions we should ask during the interview. Below are the dos and don’ts in asking questions:
1.Ask for a professional development plan. It is just right to ask about the plans that the company has in store for you. It only shows that your interest in joining the company is not just about the salary but a professional development that you can look forward to. There’s no harm in asking because it is your right as a candidate to know your future in the company especially in terms of professi…

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