Do you know YOUR “English”?

Borrowed words adapted in the English language

The history of English language began in ancient of times where people seek information and understanding. It is believed to have evolved in German and Anglo Saxon eras. Many of the words that appeared in the dictionaries are adapted and borrowed from different tribes and countries where it is widely used and has become the English language. Below are the common words that have been existent in foreign countries and later adapted to the English language:
            1.Person – This word comes from the Latin word “persona” and was adapted in French language and eventually made it to the English dictionary.
2.Zero – This word comes from Arabic and almost all words of our numeracy and mathematics can be traced back to Arabic.
3.Tsunami – This is a Japanese word which means “harbor wave”. This was first used in English in 1896.
4.Fest – this abbreviation of the word festival, is a word that came into English from French by way of Latin in the 14t…

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